My name is Francesca Harrison.  I am a hobby breeder of British Shorthair Silver cats and have bred and shown cats since the early 1980's.  I live in a village in the Tyne Valley, not far from the market town of Hexham, Northumberland.  My prefix ALFRESCA was first registered with the G.C.C.F. in 1983 and in those days I bred brown tabby and silver tabby persians.  I bred many champions and after the death of my last persian, Alfresca Georgie Girl, I took the decision to move to British Shorthair tabbies as the coats are more manageable and they are renowned for their 'laid-back' temperament.  They certainly live up to their reputation.  My foundation queen, Aljora Silver Superstar (Minty) came from John Rawlings who I first met at The Tabby Cat Club show back in 2001.  At the same time I acquired a wonderful blue-cream from Marion Wade of Rodwaye Cats, Rodwaye Waltzing Matilda, affectionately known as Tilly.  Both Minty and Tilly are now champions, neutered and retired from showing (2008).  They enjoy the freedom of my large garden and are a source of joy to all who come to visit.  

On the News Page you can read about our new arrivals and check out our show successes and read general cat chat.  Then for the newcomer to the breed, on the British Cat page read some background to the British Shorthair cat so that you know what to expect.  Our Stud Boys page has information and photographs of our males at stud.  Our Girls has photographs of our active breeding queens and their pedigree information.  The Kittens page has useful information on buying a kitten and then our kitten litters are shown in detail.  After that there are loads of photographs and also useful links to other breeders and like-minded cat sites.  My contact details are also listed.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our beautiful British Cats.  We are usually here to answer questions and to be of assistance when we can.  Thank you for browsing through our pages.                                                                                                 



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