SATURDAY 16th APRIL 2016

                 My lovely boy still has his winning ways at 7+ years.  He is now competing for 

                 his silver Olympian Certificate but today was reserve to a Burmese.  Leo 

                 went on to win Best of Breed and all side classes and Best British Neuter, 

                 finishing up Best of Variety British.  Thank you to all his judges.

                 Here he is, relaxing at home afterwards.





                SATURDAY 10th OCTOBER 2015

                Had a great day with Leo winning his fifth Olympian as a Neuter, best of breed and 

                first in all his side classes.   Many thanks to Ms. Devereux for all the nice things 

                you said about Leo.  He is now OBIGCH & OBIGPR.  



               This is Alfresca Skywalker (Stanley) offering his congratulations   



                       LAKELAND CAT CLUB SHOW

                      Saturday 20th June 2015  

                      This is such a friendly show.  I stewarded all day for a Persian & Semi-Longhair Judge 

                      and had a great time.  

                      The results were pretty good as well! Leo won best of breed and first in all his side classes 

                 and ended up Best British in Show.    The show committee must have worked very hard

                to get all the 'specials' for the best of variety winners.  Thank you so much.  It was like Christmas!



             30th May 2015  

             WE HAVE KITTENS!!

              Dancer and Teddy have produced 4 lovely black silver tabby kittens

                  Two boys and two girls.    All is well and she waited until 

                  I was back from the show.  Well done Dancer.   Thanks to Michael for 

                  keeping an expert eye on things for  me during the day.




                      Saturday 30th May 2015

                  Such a lovely, friendly show in a great venue. Plenty of space and it was good to catch up with

                  'old' friends.   I left Dancer in the capable hands of Michael Tierney and had a great day at 

                  at the show.  

                  Leo did me proud by winning the Olympian Premier certificates in strong competition in both shows 

                  Also best of breed and first in all side classes.  Another red card day.  You must be so proud of him, Jane.

                                                WELL DONE LEO - RED CARD DAY

                        SHORTHAIR CAT CLUB OF SCOTLAND

                    Saturday 18th April, 2015

                  We had a great day out in Glenrothes with friends Michael and Carole Tierney. Thanks

                   to them for the lift.

                   Leo delighted me by winning the Olympian certificate under judge George Gow,  also best 

                   of breed , first in all his side classes and then was awarded Best British in Show. Judges 

                   Mrs. Lorton Hobbs, Mr. Leppard and  Mr. Godfrey all lent a hand in it. Thanks to all.

                                    LEO WINS THE OLYMPIAN       LEO WINS BEST OF VARIETY                                            


                   Saturday 14th March 2015

                   Again, very strong competition in the Olympian Class. Leo was reserve Olympian 

                   out of 8 entries of lovely, titled cats.  He also won the best of breed and first in all 

                   his side classes.  



             Saturday 17th January 2015

                 The competition in the Olympian classes was strong, 10 entries.  Leo was awarded his  

                  first Olympian certificate as a Male Neuter in the West of Scotland Show, and he also won

                  best of  breed in both shows and all his side classes.  I was delighted with the results.  




                      YORKSHIRE COUNTY CAT CLUB AND


             Saturday 25th October, 2014

                 A great day for Leo. He won the Imperial class in strong competition in both shows,  also 

                 2 x best of breed and first in all side classes.   

                CUMBERLAND CAT CLUB

                Saturday 11th October 2014                                        

                Red card day for Leo, with him winning the Imperial Premier  (Judge Grace Denny ) and

               best of breed and first in all his side classes.   This is his 3rd Imperial as a neuter.

                    SCOTIA CAT FANCIERS 

            Saturday 20th September 2014

            My lovely Leo again was very successful winning the Imperial Premier class 

               Judge Mrs. Beard Smith, best of breed and first in all his side classes. Also 

               overall Best British judge Mrs. Marien.  Thank to to all concerned and special

              thanks to Michael and Carole Tierney for taking me all the way to Clydebank.



                    TEESSIDE CAT CLUB

               Saturday 23rd August 2014

               Leo has another very successful  day, winning the Imperial  Premier class (judge Mrs.C.Kaye), 

              First in all his side classes,  best British Neuter and Best British overall.  Well done, Leo.



                DANCER'S KITTENS

                  ALFRESCA RAGAMUFFIN            ALFRESCA RAZZLE DAZZLE at 6 weeks



           These two lovely babies were born to Bluerain Moondance and Acornpaws Misterblu-Sky 

           on 9th July. Both black silver tabbies, a boy and a girl.

                                 Proud Mum, Dancer    AT 10 DAYS OLD AT 4 WEEKS OLD


                Lakeland & District Cat Club

            Saturday 21st June 2014

            Another most successful day for Leo with red cards in all his classes, 

            including the Grand Premier (judge Mrs. M. Walkden) and  best of breed    

            Leo has now qualified as Grand Premier. 

            My thanks to my good friends Michael and Carole for taking Leo to this 

            show for me as I was working.     

               Durham County and Northern Counties double show

            Saturday 31st May 2014

           Leo's first attempt at the Grand Premier classes.  He won Grand  in both shows and

           best of breed.  Also red cards in all his side classes and nominated Best British 

          Neuter in both and ended up Best British in the Durham County Section.

          What a day.  Thank you to all his judges.  

                                      LEO WINS B.I.S. BRITISH

             Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland

           Saturday 19th April, 2014

           WOW! Had a great day with Leo.  He won his third Premier  Certificate since being neutered 

           and was awarded Best of Breed, then went on to win first in all his side classes and ended 

           up Best in Show British.  So a red card day for Leo.  Thank you  to all judges. 

                                        LEO WINS BEST IN SHOW BRITISH



            The Scottish Cat Club Show

         Saturday, 15th February, 2014  

            Leo won his second premier certificate at this show and Best of Breed

            Judge Margaret Walkden.  Also a first and two seconds in his side classes.



 West of Scotland Cat Club

         Saturday, 21st December, 2013

              Leo was neutered in October, so he is now starting at the bottom again. This was his 

           first show as a neuter and he won his first premier certificate and best of breed under

          judge Grace Denny.  He also won two firsts and a second in his side classes.  

          Thanks to Daniel for doing the driving in such appalling conditions.         

            Cumberland Cat Club 
          Saturday, 12th October, 2013

          Leo had a wonderful show, winning the Olympian Certificate under 
         Judge Anne Gregory who said the most lovely things about him in her 
         report...."stunning cat of outstanding type, balance and style.... He was 
         presented in superb condition and shone as the star of the show for me. 
         It was a privilege to judge him and it made my day".  Thank you so much 
         Mrs. Gregory.  Judge Mrs. M. Rodger then made him her choice for 
         Best British in Show.  What a fab. day.    
         13th August 
         Gemma's kittens are now 4+ weeks old and doing well.  Two boys and one girl.

         1st August 2013

         We are pleased to announce the arrival of Bluerain Moondance.      
          bred by Julie Caffel.  Thank you Julie for this lovely girl..



       I am very happy to announce that GRCH Alfresca Venus Littlegem
         (Gemma) had three lovely black silver tabby kittens on Thursday, 
         11th July.  Mother and babies doing well. 

                                        At 2 weeks old
         Saturday, 25th May, 2013

         Two shows in one day, how exhausting, the cats coped well.
         Fortunately, the weather was kind to us all. Thank you to all judges.

         Leo won the Reserve Olympian in the Durham County Show, judge Barbara Prowse. 
         Judge's comments were "Lovely Boy. Very difficult to decide between the two. 
         Congratulations. B.P."
           Oscar had a great day out winning the Grand Premier Certificate in
           both shows. He has now qualified as a Grand Premier. 
           His daughter, Alfresca Polkadot at her first show, won 
           the Premier Certificates in both shows.  Well done, Natalie.  

           OSCAR JORGY

          Saturday, 20th April, 2013

          Thanks again to my friends Jane and Steve for the transport
          to this show and for their excellent company.  
          We all had a great day so came back on 'cloud nine'.

          Leo  won his fifth Olympian Certificate so he is now an Olympian 
          Bronze IGRCH!!  He is the first British Silver cat to win this title.  He also won 
          best of breed in a line up of excellent cats.  

         Oscar won his second Grand Premier certificate and was best of breed. 
         His daughter, GRCH Leonitara Sweetheart, won her fifth Imperial 
         so  will now be challenging for an Olympian title next time out.  

         Between the three of us we 'picked up' the Olympian Certificate, an Imperial
        Certificate, two Grand Certificates and two challenge certificates plus three 
        bests of breed - so a good day was had by all.  

              Olympian Bronze winner LEO
      Grand Premier and best of breed winner OSCAR    


        Saturday, 16th February, 2013
        I only took Leo to this show and we had a great day.
          Thank you to my friend Steve for doing the driving. 
          Reserve Olympian Certificate 
          BOB and first in all his side classes 
          Best of Variety under judge Mrs. Walkden.  
          Thank you to all his judges.   

                          A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR


              TEDDY (Alfresca Hunky Dory)  supervising Christmas!!  
Saturday, 15th December, 2012 

        First of all, thank you to Steve for driving me and my cats 
        to this showWithout Steve's kind  offer of a lift I wouldn't have made 
        the journey.  
           Oscar had another great day as a neuter.  He does love his days out.  He 
           won the Grand Premier Certificate (judge Sheila Hamilton) and first in 
           all his side classes.  Another red card day
                                        Still good at 8 years old

              Lovely Leo had a fab. day winning his 4th Olympian Certificate 
              Judge Mrs. Walkden, then Best of Breed, placed first in all his side 
              classes and ended up being awarded Best British Adult and then 
              BOV (Best in Show British).  A great way to end the year. 


              Saturday, 27th October, 2012

              What an early start and in such freezing conditions.  However, the sun
              came out during the morning and it was a lovely autumn day.  
           Leo was again awarded the Reserve Olympian out of 4 lovely cats and 
           he also won Best of Breed and two further firsts.  
           Oscar had another good day, winning his third Premier Certificate , 
           Best of Breed and first in all his side classes. 
              Another RED CARD DAY FOR OSCAR
              A big Thank you to all judges. 

          Saturday, 13th October, 2012 
          A fairly 'local' show for us this time.  Not such an early start  and
             back home in the daylight.  Yeeeeees.
          Leo was awarded the Reserve Olympian Certificate out of 5 cats. Judge
             Mrs. L. Stephenson.  He also won two further firsts in side classes.
             Oscar won his second premier certificate and was best of breed and 
             then won first in all his side classes.  So a RED CARD DAY FOR OSCAR.  

             Bronwen was showing Alfresca Mister-Mungo and much to our delight 
             he won his second premier certificate.  Well done Bron.
            A big thank you to all our judges.  

             Saturday 29th September, 2012
             This was Oscar's first show as a Neuter.  He won his Premier 
             Certificate and was best of breed.  Oscar really enjoys his day
             out and we were delighted when he was asked to 'model' a superb
             large cat swing for Twisted 

              Are you sitting comfortably, Oscar?

           20th August, 2012

             Things have gone quiet here for the summer months with most
             of the cats in full moult. 

             Jojo and Oscar have been neutered and Jojo is now enjoying 
             the freedom of my large garden with Tilly and Scrumpy. 

             Fly's litter of three girls have started to go to their new homes 
             and we wish the new owners many happy years ahead.

             Saturday, 18th June, 2012

             I really enjoy this show.  It is in a great venue, plenty of car parking, 
             shops and cafes to visit whilst the judging is taking place and to top 
             it all, the most fabulous rosettes if you are fortunate enough to win.
             A big thank you to the Lakeland Committee.

             Congratulations to a young exhibitor Bronwen Clark who was showing 
             her silver tabby neuter Alfresca Mister-Mungo.  Mungo was awarded 
             the premier certificate by judge George Gow.  Well done to you both.


                 Leo also had a good day winning the Reserve Olympian Certificate
                 in top competition and also Best of Breed.  

              Leo looking happy and relaxed       
             I took my 17 week old kitten Alfresca North Star along for the 
             experience and she really enjoyed her day out, being awarded 
             the first rosette in her Open Kitten class.  


Saturday, 26th May, 2012

             My grateful thanks to Steve and Callum who picked Leo up at 7.00 a.m.
             and took him to the show.  I was on duty with Fly and her kittens.   I was 
             so pleased to hear from my friends that Leo had been awarded the 
             Olympian Certificate (with competition).  Judge was Mrs. Ashmore. This is 
             his third Oly certificate.   Thank you very much, Mrs. Ashmore.  He also 
             won the best of breed under judge  Mrs. Rodger.   
             Friday, 25th may, 2012 

            A big WELCOME to Fly's litter of 3 kittens, all girls.  Two black silver tabbies 
            and a black silver spotted.  Fly adores her babies and is an excellent Mum .
            This litter is sired by IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin, my lovely Oscar.  
Saturday, 14th April, 2012
           This was a long way for me to drive  but after 
             an early start, we arrived in good spirits.  
             Always a nice, friendly show.   
             I was over the moon when Leo won the Olympian
             class, best of breed and then was judged BEST BRITISH
             by Linda Walpole.  

          Oscar was overshadowed by Leo on this occasion but still
          managed to hold his own - winning best of breed and 
             first in two large side classes.  

         29th March, 2012
                             Jojo's kittens at 4 weeks


          29th February, 2012
After a somewhat difficult time, Jojo has given 
         birth to a black silver tabby boy and a black 
         spotty girl.  They are now thriving well and Jojo 
         in an excellent 'first time' Mum.  Photos will follow. 

   24th February, 2012

          We are pleased to annouce the safe arrival of  a litter of kittens to 
          Gemma (GRCH Alfresca  Venus Littlegem) and Leo (IGRCH Leonitara 
          Prince-Charming).  We have two males and a female 
          all black silver tabbies.  Mother and babies doing well.
            Saturday, 11th February 2012

            What a great result for Leo, IGRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming 
            was awarded the Olympian Certificate by judge Val Kilby.  He 
            was also best of breed under judge Alex Welsh.  Thank you to 
            both judges. 

                            Well done, Leo 
                                  WINSTON AND STANLEY
           Photo with kind permission of James and Pamela Rossdale
                These lovely cats are Oscar's and Gemma's offspring!

          West of Scotland Cat Club
          Saturday, 3rd December, 2011
          My thanks to friends Richard and Karen who gave me a 
             lift in their car to this show.  Also with us was their 
             daughter Bronwen, the proud owner of Alfresca Mister-Mungo,
             This was Bronwen's and Mungo's first show.  Hope you enjoyed your 
             day, Bronwen and Mungo.

             Our lovely Leo won best of breed and two firsts and a second in large side classes.

              ALFRESCA MISTER-MUNGO                   

          Anthony Au (Hong Kong) reports that Alfresca 
          Firefly of Princeland is now a CFA Champion, winning 
          first place and best colour tabby female Open Class 
          in four rings.  Well done Fly and Anthony.  

          Cumberland Cat Club Show
          Saturday, 8th October 2011
          Congratulations to Angela Buckley with Thor on 
             winning the British Grand Premier Certificate and
             Best of Breed British Black Silver Spotted.    
             Judge Mrs. E. Machin
                       Pr. Alfresca Thunder  (Thor)
         Best of Breed Silver Tabby IGRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming
                    A very relaxed Leo         

          Northern Counties Cat Club
          Saturday, 10th September, 2011
             Imperial Grand Male - IGRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming
             Imperial Grand female - GRCH Leonitara Sweetheart (bob)

                        LEO WINS IMPERIAL

         Teesside Cat Club
         Saturday, 27th August, 2011

         My grateful thanks to Jane Best for taking Leo
            to this show for me.  I was unable to get out of
            my work commitments.
            Leo had a great day winning his fifth Imperial 
            Grand certificate which makes him up into 


           He then was awarded Best British Adult and finally  Best of 
           Variety later in the day.  Quite an achievement at 2 years 5 months!
        My thanks to all judges concerned and to my many friends who 
        sent congratulations.  Thank you all.  
        George Gow judging Leo in the best in show lineup
        Leo wins overall Best of Variety

       Jane Best also had a great day with GRCH Leonitara Sweetheart 
         winning the Imperial certificate (female) and beating the boys for Best of Breed!! 
         Sweetheart is a daughter of my Spotty boy, Oscar.  Well done, Jane.  

         Chester & North Wales Cat Club
            Saturday, 13th August, 2011

         Thank you to my friends Steve and Lisa who gave me 
            a lift to this show with Leo and JoJo.  We had a great day
            with Leo winning his 4th Imperial Grand, bob and firsts in 
            all his side classes with good competition from some lovely cats.  
            It was extremely hot in the show hall and most of the beautiful 
           cats on show spent the afternoon asleep!! 

                                   LEO HAS A RED CARD DAY 
           JoJo also had a good day winning her 4th challenge certificate  and best of 
          breed (against competition) and won first in a side class of 7. 

         CH.ALFRESCA JUST-JOJO            

          THANK YOU TO ALL JUDGES CONCERNED.                                            

        Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club 
        Saturday 23rd July, 2011

        I took Alfresca Just-Jojo to this show and was 
          so pleased when she was awarded the challenge
          certificate and best of breed.  This makes Jojo 
          up into a Champion at 11 months old. She also won
          first in her two side classes.  Thank you to judge 
          Mrs. Prowse.  

        Lakeland & District Cat Club 
        Saturday 18th June 2011
        I left home in pouring rain, lovely  sunny day in Kendal and
        then drove home in heavy rain.  

           I had decided to enter Oscar at this show and it  was to be his 
           first time out in over 12 months.  He does love his 'days out' and 
           it seemed a pity to leave him at home now that the GCCF have 
           opened up new classes for Imperial titled cats.  I must admit I was 
           a little shell-shocked to be informed by text message that Oscar
           had won the Olympian Class  in a line-up of 5 top winning Imperial
           titled cats.  Thank you very much, Mrs. Marriott-Power. 
           I believe he is the FIRST British cat to get this award.
           Here he  is, relaxing after a hard day being  admired!!


                          GRCH LEONITARA PRINCE-CHARMING


         9th June 2011
          Gemma's kittens at 7 weeks enjoying the climbing frame

   Durham County Cat Club Show
   Saturday, 28th May, 2011

   This is my local show, being only 25 miles drive
    each way.  Thank you to Carole for organising brunch
    at her house whilst judging was taking place.  

    GRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming was having a quiet day 
    today and was much admired by visitors to the show.
    He was awarded Reserve Imperial Grand and Reserve 
    Grand in his classes.   
    Alfresca Just-Jojo won her second challenge certificate
    and best of breed for the British Silver Spotties.  

   Thank you to all judges concerned.

   Congratulations to Leo's daughter, Leonitara Gypsy-Rose, who
   won her third challenge certificate and best of breed, so she 
   is now a CHAMPION. Well done Angela.   


    Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club Show
    Saturday, 14th May, 2011

                             WINS BEST IN SHOW
    We had such  a great day.  It was well worth  the long drive. 
    A round trip of some 400 miles!   A great show with plenty  to see 
      and do whilst the judging is taking place.  

      Alfresca Just-Jojo, at her first show as an  adult  (9 months and one  week)
      won the female c.c. and was best of breed Bsh Silver Spotted.  My thanks to 
      judge, Mrs.Marriott-Power.  Jojo really enjoyed her day out and all the attention.
      LEO exceeded all expectations by winning  the IMPERIAL GRAND CERTIFICATE
      the GRAND CERTIFICATE and BEST OF BREED.  He was nominated  for Best of Variety
      which he won and then in a line up of beautiful top  cats, he was awarded  
                                BEST IN SHOW by  judge Mrs.Bullock.  

      My thanks to all judges, Mrs.Grace Denny, Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Bullock

         Leo wins Imperial Grand Challenge
       Being judged for Best in Show (judge Mrs. Bullock)

      Leo in his Best in Show pen 

    Manchester District Cat Club Show
    Saturday, 7th May, 2011

     We send all our congratulations and best wishes to 
       Angela Buckley who made Leonitara Red Admiral 
       into a CHAMPION today. He is not yet one year old. 
       What an achievement!
       Chester is the son of our gorgeous boy, Leo.  

       Chester (red silver tabby)

     Tuesday, 19th April, 2011

      Gemma had her litter of kittens (sire Acornpaws Misterblu-Sky)
      She has 2 females and  one male.  All silver tabbies.  All is well
      with Gemma and her babies.

orthair Cat Club of Scotland 
      Saturday, 16th April, 2011

      This was well  worth the early start!   Such a friendly show and the 
      amenities are very good.  Plenty of car parking and good inexpensive
      canteen all day.  Also plenty of seats around to rest your weary legs.  

       Leo was on top form and I recovered quickly from the fact that he 
       pushed open the top  of  his  carrying box  and had a short  saunter round
     a few pens.  However, he was easily scooped up and  returned to his pen
       He has  such a  wonderful temperament -why  did I worry?

       Leo was awarded the Imperial Grand Certificate (judge Mrs.S.Heavens), also
      the Grand Certificate (judge Grace Denny), best of breed and first in all  his
      side classes.  SO  A RED CARD DAY  FOR LEO.  
      He was then chosen as Best British Adult  in Show which was the icing on 
      the cake. 

      This was JoJo's first show and she thoroughly loved it -  lots going on and 
      people talking to  her.
      Alfresca Just-Jojo  won her kitten class and was best of breed.

      My  thanks to all judges for my wonderful day. 

           A very contented Leo  JOJO

      Leo's son and daughter  (shown by Angela Buckley) both  won their 
      respective classes and  were awarded Challenge Certificates and Bests  
      of Breed.  Leonitara Gypsy-Rose and Leonitara Red Admiral.  

     Preston and Blackpool Cat Club Show
     Saturday, 26th March, 2011            

     I was so pleased to see my big boy, Leo win his 
      first Imperial Grand under judge Brenda Wolstenholme. 
      He was also awarded best of breed in a really good 
      entry of British Silver Tabbies and two firsts in his side classes. 
      Thank you to all judges concerned.  


     Scottish Cat Club Show
Saturday, 12th February, 2011 

      Because of 'maternity' duties at home (waiting for Fly to start kittening) I was unable
       to take Leo to  this show.  Fortunately Jane Best was able to take
       him for me.  Thanks Jane.

       We were in close contact through the day and I was absolutely over the moon to hear
        that Leo had won the Grand Certificate (judge Rosemary Fisher) and was awarded 
        He was also nominated for Best of Variety and indeed finished up Best British in Show. 

                     CLEVER BOY,  LEO



                               Thanks to Pam Rossdale for this fun picture of Winston and Stanley

Saturday, 11th December, 2010
West of Scotland Club 

We had another great day  with Leo (Ch.Leonitara Prince-Charming) winning his second 
Grand Certificate under judge Mr.K.van der Wijk and being nominated  for  Best of
Variety. He also won the c.c. under Mrs. Walkden.  
Gemma, returning to showing after her summer litter) was in top form and won her third
Grand Certificate (judge Mr. van der Wijk) so she is now a GRAND CHAMPION.  She
also won the c.c. and was awarded best of breed from Mrs.Walkden. 
Thank you to all judges concerned.  

                    GR.CH.  ALFRESCA VENUS LITTLEGEM

Sunday, 21st November 2010
Brought Fly's kitten home today.   She  only produced one kitten on 
7th August and was not particularly keen on having to look after only the one, but 
fortunately Jane Best's queen Loobie  kittened 5 days later and readily took my 
little one in with her brood.  Thank you again, Jane and Loobie, for all your assistance.  
I couldn't have managed  without you.  
Here is JoJo at 7 weeks old

                                               Alfresca  Just-JoJo

Saturday 20th November 2010

I am still walking on 'cloud nine'.  Leo won the Grand Challenge Certificate and 
then was awarded Best of Breed by Judge Freda Matthias.  He was just so 'laid-back'
and really enjoyed the attention all day, even though he'd been away from home 
since Friday afternoon.  My thanks to Mrs.Matthias for the awards and the lovely
comments and my most grateful thanks to Jane Best, first of all for letting me
have Leo in the first place and secondly for putting us both up for the Friday 
and Saturday  nights.  What a day!!


            His daughter, Leonitara Gypsy-Rose also won first and best of breed in her kitten class. 
            Well done, Angela and Gypsy.

Saturday, 23rd October, 2010
Yorkshire County Cat Club 

There is always strong competition at this show and today was no exception.
It is many years since I saw such a strong line-up of British kittens, such good type
and friendly  dispositions.  The classes were well supported which made winning all the 
more worthwhile.  

British  Grand Champion - Leo won the Reserve Grand Certificate (judge Mrs.C.Rouse)
Open class for Black Silver Tabby - Leo won the c.c.and was awarded the best of 
breed over a good female entry (judge Mrs.S.Heavens)  He also  won a further two  seconds
in  side classes of 8/9.

Saturday, 9th October, 2010
Cumberland Cat Club

This was Leo's first time in the British Grand Class and he was awarded the Reserve Grand
Certificate (judge G. Gow).  He also won his 5th c.c. and was best of breed. Thank you to 
all judges. 
Many congratulations to Jane Best with Leonitara Sweetheart (daughter of my Oscar) 
who won the female Grand Certificate and her Open class adding another c.c. to her 

Saturday, 11th September, 2010
Northern Counties Cat Club

Leo again did us proud by winning his 4th c.c. and was awarded best of breed (judge Alex Welsh). 
He then won 2 further firsts later in the day in his side classes and then was awarded Best of Variety 

Thank you to a member of the public for  this fab. picture of Leo
                                 A very relaxed Leo winning Best British Adult.

Saturday 28th August, 2010
Teesside Cat Club 

Leo won his third c.c. (judge Freda Matthias) so he is now a CHAMPION.  Best of Breed
was GCH Adsetsh Titan-Warrior (bred by Angela Buckley) who is Leo's half brother and a grandson of my
Oscar and Minty, being the son of Ch. Alfresca Teefa Tango .  Well done Lynne and Sunny.  Sunny also 
won the Imperial Grand, the Grand and had a red card day. 

Angela had a good  day  also,  showing two kittens sired by  Leo.  Leonitara Gypsy-Rose (Smoke) won 
first and best of breed and Leonitara Red Admiral (red silver tabby) won first, best of breed and best British 
kitten overall.  

                                            LEO WINS HIS  CHAMPIONSHIP


            CHESTER & GYPSY 


Saturday, 14th August, 2010
Chester & North Wales Cat Club 

Jane Best and I travelled down to this show together and we both had a very good day!

Leo (Leonitara Prince-Charming) won his Open class,  the c.c.  and was best of breed.
Sweetheart (Leonitara Sweetheart) won her Open class and her third c.c. making her into 
a Champion for Jane.  Sweetheart's Dad is my Oscar.
Leonitara Autum Enchantress (Torti-Silver Tabby) won her Open class and her second c.c. for 
her owner, Lynne Robinson.
and in the neuters........
Leonitara Dickie Mint won his third p.c. for his owner Helen Matthews, making him into a 
full premier.  This lovely neuter boy was also sired by my Oscar, IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin.

            A very relaxed Leo     Sweetheart

            Thank you to all the judges concerned.

Sunday 1st August, 2010

It is with much sadness that I have to inform our friends that Minty (ChampionAljora Silver Superstar) 
was put to sleep today to avoid any further suffering.  She is missed so much by us all, including  
Tilly  who has been Minty's companion since they were both 13 weeks old. 


Alfresca Honeybelle (Mum Silver Scrumptious) Black Silver Classic  Tabby ready end August, 2010


Saturday, 17th July 2010
Edinburgh and East of Scotland Cat Club Show

My grateful thanks to my  friend Jane who took Leo up  to  this event for me.
I was working on that Saturday.  Leo (Leonitara Prince-Charming) was successful in winning
the Challenge Certificate (judge Grace Denny), best of breed and first in two of his three 
side classes.  Many thanks Jane.  


Monday 28th June 2010
Gemma had her kittens through the night and early morning.  These special babes are by 
IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) and Gemma, of course, is Champion Alfresca Venus
Littlegem.  She has two black silver spotted and one black silver classic tabby.  
Mum and babies doing well. 

Durham County Cat Club
Saturday 29th May 2010

My 'local' show.  It is so great to be able to leave home and be at the show venue in 30 minutes!  
The show went very smoothly, judging was completed and  awards on pens in record time.  The committee 
and judges are to be congratulated.

IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) was awarded the Imperial Grand  Challenge Certificate, the 
Grand Challenge and best of breed , first in the D.C.C.C.  class and finished up Best of Variety 
Adult.  A big  thank you  to all his judges and to Val Anderson for the lovely  comments written
on the back of his certificate!
Although not a big British entry, there were some gorgeous, top class cats on show which makes winning 
all the more special.

Leonitara Madame Butterfly (my lovely  Fly) won her third challenge certificate in the Open Class 
and Best of Breed (thank you Mrs. Rodger) so  she is now a CHAMPION.  
She  will now be retired from showing for the summer and hopefully have a litter to Oscar!

Pr. Alfresca Thunder was awarded the Reserve Grand Premier Certificate.  Well done Thor and Angela.

                               Premier Alfresca Thunder

                             Premier Alfresca Captain Kirk

Midland Counties Cat Club Show
Sunday 23rd May 2010
CONGRATULATIONS to Carol Hawley with Alfresca Captain Kirk on winning first , the 
p.c. and best of breed British Neuter Silver Spotted.  This is Maltby's third premier
certificate so he has now qualified as a PREMIER.   Well done, Carol.

Thursday, 29th April, 2010
Nellie's expected litter arrived and we have ended up  with a single black silver classic
tabby.  She's very big  and Nell loves her very much.  
Let's hope that Silver Scrumptious has a successful litter in 5 weeks time.

Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland Show 
Saturday 17th April,  2010

I was pleased to be awarded the c.c. with Leonitara Madame Butterfly.  This is her second
challenge certificate.  Fly has  only been shown three times  since her adult debut in 2007.  

It has come to my notice that unscrupulous advertisers are using photographs of my kittens to advertise on 
various dubious 'pets for sale' websites.  If you recognise any of my photographs on these sites and they are not 
linked to my website, I should be grateful if you could inform me as soon as possible as  steps will be taken to
prosecute the offenders.  Thank you.

Coventry and Leicester Show 
Saturday 27th February, 2010

Our congratulations to Carol Hawley on her success with Alfresca Captain Kirk who won the 
British Neuter Black Silver Spotted Class, the premier certificate  and was best of breed.  Well done, Carol. 




                                                      Winston and Stanley 'wishing on a star' 
                                                      Thanks to James and Pamela Rossdale 
                                                      for the fab. photo.


  The West of Scotland Cat Club Show
   Saturday,  12th December, 2009

I made the trip up to East Kilbride with Jane Best and Angela Buckley who both stayed overnight
 before the show. Thanks to Jane for doing the driving on this occasion!   I entered Oscar and 
Gemma and Angela took her lovely Thor and Jane entered a young female Sweetheart.  
Both Sweetheart and Thor were sired by Oscar.  

We had a great day in all respects.  It is such a friendly show and the rosettes are gorgeous 
and very Christmassy!

  Oscar (IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin) won the Imperial, the Grand and best of breed and
  then went on to win best in show British.   How wonderful is that??  Especially as there were 
  many beautiful cats in our section.                       


  Oscar being considered for Best in Show Judge Mrs. J. Green



  Me and Oscar with some of his rosettes!
  I know  - I look so pleased...........

Angela Buckley had Thor (Premier Alfresca Thunder) groomed to perfection and she was over 
the moon when he was awarded the Reserve Grand Premier in a class of four beautiful males. He 
went on to win the Premier Certificate and best of breed. 


A very happy looking Angela with Thor               Thor_Reserve_Grand_Premier


  Thor     Thor

Now for the girls' results

Champion Alfresca Venus Littlegem (Gemma) was placed Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed 
and Leonitara Sweetheart HAD A RED CARD DAY winning the Challenge Certificate and first in all her side classes.  Gemma_wins_RGC

 Gemma wins Res.Grand and best of breedSweetheart_2

 c.c. and red cards all the way for Sweetheart.

17th November, 2009

It is with much sadness that I report the death following a road accident of Alfresca Silver Yogi 
at the age of 21 months. Frankie will be greatly missed by his young owner Gillian and all the Welsh family.  
Frankie was a very handsome cat with a great personality. My sincere condolences Gillian.   He will be remembered forever. 


  Cumberland Cat Club Show
  Saturday 10th October, 2009

  Imperial Grand Champion class - Reserve certificate was awarded to IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin
  - Oscar - who also won the certificate  in the British Grand class, best of breed and first in both his side classes.
  Thank you to  his judges, Mr. Gow, Miss Marien, Mrs. Beard-Smith and Mrs. Gregory.  

  British Shorthair Cat Club Championship Show
   Saturday 26th September, 2009

   Our congratulations go to Carol and Keith Hawley.  Their gorgeous silver spotted neuter  Alfresca Captain Kirk (IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin x Ch. Alfresca Venus Littlegem)won his first premier  certificate and was best of breed.  Judge Mrs. V. Anderson.   Thanks to  for supplying the photos.

           bshcc0930                  bshcc0931
               ALFRESCA CAPTAIN KIRK                                 ALFRESCA COSMOPOLITAN

     26th September 2009
     Nellie and Teddie's two boy kittens aged nearly 7 weeks 

               k_-_Nellies_boys_005                 k_-_Nellies_boys_003
                                           Acornpaws Misterblu-Sky (Sire) x Alfresca Vanity Fayre
                                                                         both kittens reserved

                                                           WELCOME TO THE NEW ARRIVAL

We are delighted to welcome our new arrival Leonitara Prince-Charming who now has the 'big boy' name of Leo. 
He is not yet 6 months old and is the most purry gorgeous boy anyone could wish for.    A big thank-you to Jane Best 
of Leonitara for trusting him to my care.   I know Jane will keep in close touch with him and follow his career 
with interest.  

5th September, 2009

We are thrilled to announce that Leonitara Madame Butterfly (Fly) had her second litter last night.  It was an easy birth, four hours from beginning to end, and all is well.  She has two silver tabbies and two silver spotties. They are feeding well and Fly is very content.  Dad is IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar).


Nellie's boys at 3 and a half weeks



                             F_-_boys_at_3.5_weeks_old_010         F_-_boys_at_3.5_weeks_old_016

   Teesside Cat Club Championship Show
   Saturday 29th August, 2009

   Imperial Class - Certificate was awarded to IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) and he also won best of   breed -  Judge Mrs. A. Gregory.   Oscar was placed first in two further side classes.   Thank you to all his judges.

    Nellie (Vanity Fayre) kittens at 16 days old     




10th August 2009

My lovely Nellie (Alfresca Vanity Fayre) had two silver tabby kittens today.  Dad is Jane Best's Acornpaws Misterblu-Sky. Mum and babies doing well.  They are big babies weighing in at 130grs. and 125grs. 

Photos will follow shortly.


18th July 2009

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club Show

This was not to be Gemma's 'day'.  I was hoping against all odds that she would win her final qualifying Grand Certificate but she was very 'out of coat' and calling strongly and George Gow awarded the certificate (quite rightly) to Suzanne Griss's lovely colourpointed girl.  Well done, Suzanne.  However, all was not lost, and Gemma was awarded the challenge certificate in her Open Class and went best of breed.  She also won a first in a side class of five.

Here she is relaxing in a very warm show hall!



Sunday 7th July 2009

Scrumpy's kittens are 7 weeks old tonight!      O_-_Scrumpys_babies    


Saturday, 30th May, 2009 Durham County Cat Club Show

Such a hot day but the hall wasn't too overcrowded and the cats seems to cope very well.  I only took Oscar today and we had a great day. 

Oscar won the Imperial Grand Certificate (Judge Mrs. Marriott-Power), the Grand (judge Mrs. C. Kaye) and best of breed and then topped it all off by winning Best of Variety British.   A big thank you to all his judges.

                          Durham_Show_Oscar_B.O.V._2009_001                                 Durham_Show_Oscar_B.O.V._2009_008


Saturday 2nd May 2009 Manchester & District Cat Club Show

Great day meeting friends from further south and catching up on all news.  Our results were fabulous, also.


Imperial Grand Champion Male - IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) who also won best of breed.  Judge Mrs. Marriott-Power

British Champion Male - Grand Certificate again to Oscar in good competition. Judge Mrs. C. Kaye

British Champion Female - Grand Certificate awarded to Ch. Alfresca Venus Littlegem (Gemma) Judge Mrs.C.Kaye

Gemma also won her Open Class and was awarded the best of breed.   Judge Mrs. M. Marriott-Power.

Thank you to all our judges today.          Manchester_Show_2009_003 

                                                                                           GEMMA RELAXING





Friday, 1st May - kitten update

Scrumpy's kittens are doing fine.  One boy and two girls.  They are very contented kittens and I am managing to get some sleep at night.  They are still in my bedroom!!

      H_-_Day_12_001        H_-_Day_12_007



 Monday, 20th April, 2009


Aljora Silver Scrumptious had three lovely spotted babies today.  It was an easy birth, even if the hour was pretty unsociable.


Mother and babies all doing well. 



Preston & Blackpool Championship Show, Saturday 28th March, 2009

Champion Alfresca Venus Littlegem (Gemma) won her first Grand Certificate today, under judge Mrs. Brenda Wolstenholme.  She was also best of breed  and won a first and two seconds in very big side classes.  Thank you to all her judges.

Scrumptious (Aljora Silver Scrumptious) is due to kitten in the middle of April.   Oscar is the proud Dad-to-be (again).  Details will be posted here with photos in due course.


Waiting for Santa  Christmas 2008

Here is a seasonal picture of Winston and Stanley (Alfresca Churchill and Alfresca Chippendale) sent to me by their new owners, James and Pamela.  


 These are two very contented cats - wonder what Santa will bring them!!


West of Scotland Cat Club Show, Saturday, 14th December, 2008

Oscar has done it!!  He won the Imperial Class in strong competition and is now a full Imperial Grand Champion.  My sincere thanks to Mrs. S.Hamilton for giving Oscar the challenge certificate and bringing his total of Imperial wins to five, the total needed to quality for the GCCF title of Imperial Grand Champion.  We are just so proud of him.  My great thanks to Julie Saxby who bred Oscar and trusted him to my care.  He also won the Grand class and was Best of Breed.



Not to forget Ch. Alfresca Venus Littlegem, being shown for the first time since her litter of six.  She was Reserve Grand Champion out of five and best of breed.

Cheshire Area Cat Club - Saturday 8th November 2008


Oscar did me proud today by being awarded the Imperial Grand Certificate (his fourth!) by judge Alex Welsh. Thank you very much Mr. Welsh. That made my long day all the more worthwhile. He also won best of breed under Mrs. S. Newman and ended up with 3 firsts and a second in large side classes.

His grand-daughter, Angela Buckley's Thoreefas Limited Edition (lottie) was awarded first in her open kitten class and his son Pr. Alfresca Thunder won his open, the Premier Certificate and best of breed. Lottie behaved so perfectly at her first ever show. 



Cumberland Cat Club - Saturday 11th October 2008

Judge Helen Marriott Power awarded the Imperial Grand Certificate and Best of Breed to Oscar (Gr.Ch.Adcinsh Silver Edwin). This is his third Imperial Certificate. Thank you so much Mrs. Marriott Power and thank you also for all the lovely things you said about my boy and for nominating him as your choice for Best British.

Scotia Cat Club Saturday 20th September 2008

Congratulations to Barbara Davies and her daughter, Katy, for showing Alfresca Silver Yeates (silver spotted) and Alfresca Silver Yasmine (black silver classic tabby) and winning both their kitten open classes and bests of breed. Well done to you all.

Northern Counties Cat Club 13th September 2008

Judge George Gow - My good natured Oscar, Gr.Ch.Adcinsh Silver Edwin, was Reserve Imperial Grand. He was also placed first in a side class for the cat with the best temperament and condition and that pleased me even more.

Teesside Cat Club Saturday, 23rd August, 2008

Gemma's kittens were only one day old today so my special thanks go to Lucy Best who 'house-sat' for me, enabling me to attend this show. Oscar (Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin) did me proud by winning the Imperial Grand Certificate (judge Freda Matthias), The Grand Certificate (judge Alex Welsh) and was awarded best of breed by Mrs. Lorton Hobbs. His daughter, Ch. Alfresca Teefa Tango, now neutered and shown for the first time in 18 months, won her open and was awarded her first Premier Certificate. Well done, Teefa and Angela Buckley.

22nd August 2008

Gemma (Ch. Alfresca Venus Littlegem) had her litter of six today. Sire Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin. It was a 'text book' delivery and her babies ALL BOYS (three silver tabbies and three silver spotted) are doing well.


1st August 2008

Welcome to Fly's babies! (Gr.Ch.Adcinsh Silver Edwin/Leonitara Madame Butterfly). Three lovely babies born without problems during Friday, 1st Aug. There is a very big black silver classic tabby girl, a black silver spotted girl and a black silver spotted male kitten. Fly is a great new Mum and her babies are all doing very well.


Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club Saturday 19th July 2008

A red card day for Oscar which included winning best of breed and the c.c. under Freda Matthias. His kittens, Alfresca Silver Yeates (Jack) won best of breed in the bsh silver spotted kitten class and Alfresca Silver Yasmine (Scrumpy) also won bob in the bsh black silver tabby class. Their new owner Barbara Davies and her daughter Katy were delighted with their day especially as Jack and Scrumpy (daughter of my Silver Scrumptious) won a further three firsts between them. Well done, Barbara, the kittens looked fantastic and so obviously enjoyed their day so much.


Saturday 12th July 2008 - Lincolnshire Cat Club

Angela Buckley tells me that Pr. Alfresca Thunder (Thor) was Reserve Grand Premier in a class of four, he won his Open and was Best of Breed. Judge Joyce Higgins also placed him first in a class of 8 later in the day. Congratulations Angela and Thor.

Keep watching this News Page because the cat everyone loves, my LEONITARA MADAME BUTTERFLY (Fly) is due to kitten at the end  of the month. Her kittens are eagerly awaited by us all, including Dad-to-be Oscar.


Saturday 31st May 2008    Durham County Cat Club

I consider this to be my 'local' show as it is only about 20 miles away. It was a very hot day and for this reason the show closed early so the show committee are to be congratulated in getting the rosettes and cards out on the pens in good time.

Oscar was reserve Imperial Grand Champion, he won the Grand Champion class and was best of breed. Alfresca Venus Littlegem was made up to Champion today at the age of 15 months. Her Dad, Gr.Ch. Evawill Mr. Puddington who was in the next pen was best of breed. Well done, George.

Saturday 3rd May 2008     Manchester & District Cat Club Show

Oscar was awarded the Reserve Imperial Grand and in strong competition won the best of breed. It's a long time since I saw such a large turnout of British Silver Tabbies and Spotties at a show.

Alfresca Venus Littlegem delighted me by winning her second challenge certificate. Both cats behaved impeccably and enjoyed their day out, despite the hall being very warm.

Alfresca Thunder (owned by Angela Buckley) was Reserve Grand Premier and won his open class and premier certificate. Well done, Angela and Thor. Thor is looking magnificent. He is so typically British, large and cuddly!

29th April, 2008

Nellie (Alfresca Vanity Fayre) had me up all night. She now has three lovely babies, one silver tabby boy and two black spotted girls.

 Preston & Blackpool Cat Club Championship Show Saturday 29th March, 2008
My sweet-natured Oscar notched up his 17th c.c. and was awarded the best of breed. The judge today was Mrs. Joyce Higgins and Alfresca Venus Littlegem (Gemma) won her first c.c. and best of breed under judge Brenda Wolstenholme. Gemma is now calling strongly so perhaps it is time to let her have a litter.

25th March, 2008

Oscar and Alfresca Silver Sparkle had three silver spotted babies. Two boys and a girl. All doing well and Mum Sparky is very proud of her little ones.


27th February 2008

Aljora Silver Scrumptious had five lovely kittens today (by Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin). She has four silver spotted and one black classic tabby. Kittens are putting on good daily weights and Scrumpy is proving an excellent Mother for this, her second litter.



The Scottish Cat Club 09/02/2008

Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) won his 16th c.c. and was Best of Breed. Thank you Mrs. Walkden. The Imperial judge, Mrs. Grace Denny placed him second in a class of four and he won first in a side class of six entries under Mrs. Wolstenholme, so not a bad result for a very early start.

Alfresca Venus Littlegem won two firsts, a second and a third at her first show as an adult.

The West of Scotland Cat Club  Saturday 15th December 2007

Although a long way to travel early on a December morning, this is such a nice friendly show. Today it was the turn of my Black Silver Tabby Leonitara Madame Butterfly who is now 10 months old and into the Adult class. Oscar was left at home having a well deserved rest.

The judge was Mrs. Wolstenholme who gave Fly her first c.c. The best of breed was awarded to her Dad, Evawill Mr. Puddington who also won the Imperial Grand. Well done, Jane.
Fly went on to win three firsts and a second in her side classes and she really enjoyed her day out.
Also being shown for the first time were two Alfresca kittens, the silver tabby girl Alfresca Windflower who won her Open class and the black silver spotted male kitten, Alfresca Xantos who won his Open class also. Well done to Pam Roberts - I hope you all enjoyed your day out.

Cheshire Area Cat Club 10th November 2007

This is not normally a show I would attend, on account of the distance involved and its proximity to The Supreme. However, I had already decided that I was not going to show at The Supreme, so I decided to show at The Cheshire in order to support Sandra Little who had bought Alfresca Silver Xanadoo from me back in early September. I was very glad I did!

AC British Imperial Grand Champion Male
Imperial Grand Certificate awarded to Grand Champion Adcinsh Silver Edwin. Oscar had a wonderful day, winning his first Imperial Grand, his 15 c.c., Best of Breed and first in all his side classes. So, a red card day for Oscar and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, there he was in the Best in Show British pen. Thank you to all his judges.

Black Silver Spotted Kitten
lst and bob - Alfresca Silver Xanadoo. Well done Sandra - I am so proud of you both.This was the first show for both Sandra and Xanadoo (Geordie) and it was Sandra who suffered from "beginner's nerves". Geordie was very cool and laid back.

Black Silver Spotted Neuter
lst, P.C. and Best of Breed - Pr.Alfresca Thunder. Thor had a great day, winning red cards in all his side classes and was Reserve Grand Premier in strong competition. Well done again, Angela. It's starting to become a habit.

The Yorkshire County Cat Club Saturday, 27th October, 2007

This is always a great show with a good number of British Silver Tabbies and Spotties entered. This year was no exception.

In the British Champion Male class (judge Celia Leighton) Oscar won the Reserve Grand Certificate out of 6 cats entered. I am so pleased with that award. He also won his Open and was awarded his 14th Challenge Certificate.

My black silver tabby female kitten, Alfresca Vanity Fayre (Nellie) won her open class and was awarded the best of breed. She was so relaxed about the whole day. Mrs. M. Rodger was the judge on this occasion.

Congratulations again to Angela Buckley with Pr. Alfresca Thunder who was awarded his first Grand Premier Certificate in strong competition. Thor went on to win his Open, p.c. and best of breed and two more firsts. Well done, Angela. That is such a great achievement for you both.


North West Cat Club Show    29th September 2007

Champion Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) is now a Grand Champion, having won his third and qualifying grand certificate under Alex Welsh at this show. We are absolutely thrilled. He was also best of breed. Oscar is now two and a half years old and is siring beautiful kittens with good green eye colour. He really enjoys his day out at a show and loves all the attention.

Pr. Alfresca Thunder was first in his Open Class and was awarded the p.c. and best of breed. Well done, Thor and his owner Angela Buckley.

26th September 2007 - KITTENS KITTENS

I’ve been to visit Angela Buckley today to see her litter of 3 black silver tabby kittens from Gr.Ch. Evawill Mr. Puddington and Ch.Alfresca Teefa Tango. They are now 7 weeks old and one boy especially is showing great potential as a show neuter.Angela would like two of the boys to go together as they are such friends.

8th September, Northern Counties Cat Club

My lovely Oscar (Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin) won his second Grand Challenge this time under judge John Hansson. Many thanks Mr. Hansson. Oscar also won his Open, C.C. and best of breed.
My kitten Leonitara Madame Butterfly was first in her Open (silver tabby kitten) and awarded the best of breed and ended up with four firsts in her four classes.
Ch. Aljora Silver Superstar, now being shown as a neuter, was awarded her first Premier Certificate and was also best of breed.


All kittens from the Oscar/Scrumptious 'X' litter are now reserved. 
We are hoping that Alfresca Silver Xanadoo will be shown in the future.  He has gone to join Terry and Sandra Little in the Wirral.  The black silver classic tabby Alfresca Silver Xzito is booked to go to Norway next month to live with Ms. Astrid Arntzen.

25th August, 2007 Teesside Cat Club

We had a great day with Oscar winning the British Champion Class and being awarded his first Grand Challenge Certificate in strong competition. Many thanks to judge George Gow. He also won his Open Class under judge Mrs. Gregory and was awarded his 10th Challenge Certificate.

This was the first show for my kitten, Alfresca Venus Littlegem (Gemma) and she was awarded first in her Open class and best of breed. At the end of the day she had won three firsts and one second out of her four classes entered.

8th August, 2007

Gr.Ch. Evawill Mr. Puddington and Champion Alfresca Teefa Tango are the proud parents of three black silver classic tabby boys. All doing well. Enquiries in due course to Angela Buckley.

14th July, 2007   The Lincolnshire Cat Club

Judge Alex Welsh awarded Oscar the Reserve Grand Challenge and Mrs. Denny gave him first and best of breed in the Open Class. He also was first in a large side class of eleven.

His son, Alfresca Thunder (Thor) was first in the British Premier Neuter class and he won his open class and best of breed. Thor won five of his six classes – well done again.

Thank you to the judges concerned.

5th June 2007

We now have a lovely litter of boys from Oscar and Silver Scrumptious . A black classic silver tabby and three silver spotted. All kittens doing well and Mum thinks they are gorgeous.

Durham County Cat Club 26th May, 2007

Bsh Silver Spotted Male Open – Judge Mrs.V.Brooks
First and Best of Breed Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin
Well done, Oscar.

Welcome to our newest addition, 12 week old Leonitara Madame Butterfly photo below. Fly is a black silver classic tabby, bred by Jane Best from her lovely boy, Ch. Evawill Mr. Puddington and Imperial Grand Champion Evawill Crystalrose. Thank you, Jane. I promise she will be much loved. FLY_AT_12_WEEKS               

Manchester Cat Club 5th May, 2007

Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin won the Reserve Grand in an entry of five and was first in a side class of 12 and second in another side class of 10. Well done, Oscar.
His handsome son, Alfresca Thunder (Thor) won his open class and BOB and now has four premier certificates and so has earned the title of Premier. He was much admired by the members of the public. He also won first in three side classes. Even though the hall was very warm and the day was long, both cats were very well behaved and, I like to think, enjoyed their day out, playing up to their audience.

11th April, 2007
Oscar and Sparkle have had a lovely litter of four.
Please see
OUR KITTENS page for details.

Preston & Blackpool Cat Club  24th March, 2007

Oscar was on top form today and won his Open, c.c. and BOB. Judge Mr. A. Welsh. He also won the British Members class and was awarded a lovely rosette! Thank you judge Mrs. LeMonnier.



ALFRESCA TEEFA TANGO again won the Open class, c.c. and BOB.

ALFRESCA THUNDER (Thor) completed the hat-trick by winning the Open, p.c. and   BOB.   

Well done, Angela

12th March, 2007

Minty produced two lovely black silver classic tabby kittens by Champion Evawill Mr. Puddington (Thank you Jane).  Unfortunately, Minty again had to have a section and so has been neutered. Mother and kittens doing very well.

Lancashire Cat Club  Saturday, 10th March, 2007

Congratulations are in order to Angela Buckley who showed Alfresca Teefa Tango to perfection and won her 3rd c.c. making her up into CHAMPION. The Judge on this occasion was Mrs. Heavens. Teefa also won 1st and a 2nd in large entry side classes. Alfresca Thunder (Thor) won his Open (Neuter) and b.o.b. and also collected another two 1st and a 2nd in his side classes. I know that Angela was delighted with her day. Well done. 

Coventry and Leicester Cat Club  Saturday, 24th February 2007

Congratulations to Alfresca Teefa Tango and her owner Mrs. Angela Buckley for winning the c.c. under judge Freda Matthias. This is Teefa’s second c.c. and she is not yet 12 months old. She was calling very strongly on the day and on this occasion lost out to the male for best of breed. 
Alfresca Thunder was second in the Open but later in the day picked up two firsts and a second in classes of five and seven. Well done again, Angela. 

My great news is that I have another Japanese Chin dog called Sangria Top Gear (Rolli). It is all thanks to Jane Best who ‘sourced’ Mrs. Jane Thomas’s website (Javalcy) which led to Rolli coming into my household a few weeks ago.  He has settled down well and I’m sure the cats haven’t noticed the difference between him and Suki. Thanks Jane – you are a true friend.



6th January, 2007 – Short Haired Cat Society Show, Telford

Mrs. Angela Buckley took Alfresca Teefa Tango and Alfresca Thunder  to their first adult show and had a great day.
Alfresca Teefa Tango won 1st and c.c. (4 in class) Judge Alex Welsh
Alfresca Thunder (Thor) won 1st p.c. and bob (3 in class including a premier and a Ch. & Gr.Pr.) Judge Mrs. Le Monnier.
Congratulations again to Angela. Well done.

A  very happy New Year to all my friends, customers and fellow exhibitors - 2007

15th December, 2006

My little dog, Suki, died today.  I am devastated.  He was nearly 15 years old.   He will be such a hard act to follow!!   Because of this, I shall not be attending the West of Scotland show tomorrow. 

Supreme Cat Show 2006

Well done, Scrumpy. Aljora Silver Scrumptious won the British Black Silver Spotted Kitten class and was best of breed under Judge Anne Gregory who described her as GORGEOUS, CONFIDENT AND OUTGOING. She was also in the final five of the line up for best British kitten. 

Cheshire Area Cat Club - 11th November 2006.

Congratulations again to Angela Buckley for showing Alfresca Teefa Tango and Alfresca Thunder to perfection.

Black Silver Tabby Kitten
Alfresca Teefa Tango – lst Open and BOB
Judge Mrs. Machin

Black Silver Spotted Kitten
Alfresca Thunder – lst Open
Judge Mrs. A. Gregory

Yorkshire County Cat Club - 28th October 2006

Well done again to
Oscar who won the Open Class and c.c. under judge Mrs.C.Kaye. 

Cumberland Cat Club - 14th October 2006

A great day for
Oscar (Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin) who won his 6th c.c. and best of breed and also the Reserve Grand Challenge, with another lst and a 3rd in his side classes.

Alfresca Silver Sparkle won her first c.c. and was lst and 2nd in her side classes.

My spotty baby, Aljora Silver Scrumptious again won her open and best of breed under judge S. Newman. She was 1st, 2nd and 3rd in her side classes.

I consider that a really good day out.

Tabby Cat Club - 14th October 2006

Congratulations to Rosemary Clemson, owner of neuter Alfresca Stargazer who won his first premier certificate under Linda Walpole. He also got 1st, 2nd and two 3rds in his side classes. 

North West Cat Club - 30th September 2006

Oscar clocked up his 5th c.c. today under judge Ann Gregory but was beaten for best of breed by a Sargenta Grand Champion which went on to win Best in Show British.

Alfresca Teefa Tango and Alfresca Thunder both won their respective Open classes with Teefa winning best of breed kitten and being nominated for Best in Show. Their new owner, Angela Buckley, is to be congratulated for presenting them so well and this was her first show. Well done, Angela.

Northern Counties Cat Club - 9th September, 2006

Oscar had another good day winning his 4th c.c. and b.o.b. this time under judge Alex Welsh.

Teesside Cat Club - 26th August 2006

We had such a good day!

Oscar is now a Champion winning the c.c. and best of breed under judge George Gow

Aljora Silver Scrumptious won her kitten class and best of breed (Judge Freda Matthias) and went on to win firsts in two side classes.

CUMBERLAND CAT CLUB 9th October, 2004

Champion Rodwaye Waltzing Matilda (made CHAMPION today)












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